Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clear Capital Home Data Index Market Report

Today Clear Capital released its latest monthly Home Data Index (HDI) Market Report posting data through the end of February 2012. Washington-area homes are averaging continued increases in value even as home prices continue to decline nationwide.

Key figures for the Washington housing market:

  • The DC area ranked 4th "Highest Performing Major Market" in the nation.
  • Washington metro home prices are up 2.7% over February 2011.
  • Local home prices rose 2.9% over the previous quarter.

National figures:

  • Nationwide home prices fell 1.9% from February 2011.
  • The country saw a drop of 0.6% from the previous quarter.

Although home prices nationwide dropped from last year, the loss was the lowest decline in over 10 months. The national quarterly numbers were also better, highlighting the short term stability we’ve seen over last four months.

Clear Capital is a premium provider of data for real estate asset valuation and risk assessment for large financial services companies. The Company's customers include the largest U.S. banks, investment firms and other financial organizations.

Read the full report here.

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