Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Report: Washington Area Credit Scores, Mortgage Balances Above National Average

The Washington area's housing market is more expensive than most.  According to the latest U.S. Credit Score Climate Report by consumer credit management company Credit Karma, the nation reveals the following averages in February 2012:

  • Credit Score: 659
  • Credit Card Debt: $6,105
  • Home Mortgage Loans: $170,312

A brief Washington Business Journal report puts our local market in perspective:

  • Credit Score: the DC area shows a higher average of 685
  • Credit Card Debt: also higher at $7,100
  • Home Mortgage Loans: average of $298,000  -- over $128,000 above the national average

Each month Credit Karma compares the current credit scores of its user base with previous scores pulled at least 30 days prior and no more than 90 days prior to the stated month. This month's report includes a comparison of more than 442,102 user scores.

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