Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lender Processing Services Home Price Index

The Lender Processing Services Home Price Index -- reporting data through January 2012 -- was released Monday, April 9th.  According to LPS methodology, the Washington area was the only housing market to report a rise in home prices.

Washington, DC

  • Among the 585 metro areas for which LPS and the Bureau of Labor Statistics provide data, average home prices increased during January only for Washington, DC.


  • The national average home price for transactions during January 2012 declined 0.9% to a price level not seen since March 2003. Early data suggests slowing likely in February's upcoming report, to a 0.3% drop.

  • Of the more than 585 metro areas covered, average prices declined for all (433) in 39 states. In addition, while average prices did not decline for all metro areas in the remaining states, prices fell in a total of 524.

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